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Waste Removal

Waste Removal Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart The million dollar question in lean biomanufacturing is (drum roll please)….how can we go about removing all of that waste? Although the process seems rather grueling,...

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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping Lean Biomanufacturing, by Dr. Nigel J. Smart No one company can do it all. It’s nearly impossible to implement every fresh, new research method that enters the market into your company’s regimen. To put it...

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Kaizen Events

Implementing Kaizen Events into Your Research Team’s Methodology Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart In lean biomanufacturing the term Kaizen events “refers to the impact of the outcome relative to the cost...

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Flow Charting

Getting to Know Flow Charting in Lean Biomanufacturing Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart When it comes to lean biomanufacturing, flowcharting is deemed as one of the most basic techniques for defining what is required to...

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Fishbone Analysis

Understanding the Basics of Fishbone Analysis Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart Tackling the demands of the biopharmaceutical industry can prove to be quite trying in today’s competitive field. Yet with proper research...

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