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Nigel J Smart.PhD
High-Performance Transformational Leadership Science & Technology
Nigel is a serial entrepreneur that has spent a large part of his career building high performance systems in both operating and consulting companies. He holds multiple degrees including his PhD in biochemical sciences from Manchester University in the UK. He has established several companies including his current venture which assists industry in establishing systems and leadership for high performance results.Nigel is a big proponent of the use of Mastermind systems to help promote many of the principles that he shares with passion. He is a Thought Leader and Influencer.
His goal is to find elegant solutions that define a different path.
He is wedded to change and change management processes to enable a more competitive and efficient approach for his clients. As an International speaker he uses stories around his personal and professional experiences to drive new approaches and strategies to develop new levels of success.
As a second career he has written a best selling book entitled “Bouncing Back From Divorce With Vitality & Purpose; A Strategy for Dads,” and coaches fathers emerging from divorce to regain their self respect and rebuild their lives to once more be productive members of society and their families.

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"The program you structured for us has been one of the most important pieces of work I have had the pleasure to sponsor , and it has come out as a big success. The success has had both tangible and intangible benefits for us. Through your efforts you have been instrumental in leading our company into a new era of efficiency and high performance as an organization. This is now a role model that we can use to propel other successes."
V.P Quality.
"Nigel helped me face the fundamental essence of who I am. No longer can I hide behind myself or tell myself lies. I’m now living more fully than ever.thanks to Nigel."
"Working with Nigel has been an experience. He is a National Treasure. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to get the needle moving in your life life now."
"Your approach to problem solving changed the way we think about our program going forward. This was the best investment we ever made."

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