SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting
20 E Market Street, West Chester PA 19382, USA

NEWS Release February 1st 2018

SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting announces a new trading relationship with Yuan Woo Trading company of China to provide consulting services to Chinese companies seeking to do business in the USA.
Separately, Yuan Woo Trading Company in announcing its’ new alliance partner in SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting, a key US Pharmaceutical Consulting company.

Dealing with International sourcing and supply issues has become a very complicated process, particularly when dealing with quality and regulatory matters. To overcome these issues, we wanted to be able to provide our clients the type and quality of help that would minimize problems and speed their distribution into the market place. With these facts upper most in mind, we at Yuan Woo Trading Company became motivated to select a partner that has the connections and track record to be able to accomplish those elements for our clients.
In addressing this need we have formed our relationship with SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting, because they bring expertise of international issues and in particular have vast knowledge of matters associated with exporting to the USA. We believe this will provide our clients a competitive advantage when it comes to approvals and distribution in the USA, something our clients should find attractive.

Key in our decision to ally with SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting was the fact that their principals have worked closely with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on international issues and have certain elements of credibility that should prove valuable when addressing issues. Knowledge and reputation are often key drivers in success and in selecting our partner we believe we have provided a better opportunity for our clients to become successful themselves.

Summing up today, President of SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting, Nigel J Smart PhD said that “this is a significant milestone in our development and we are excited about our new association with Yuan Woo Trading Company and in particular in assisting Chinese clients to become successful in their pharmaceutical endeavors”.

SMART Pharmaceutical Consulting is a Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Consulting company that has an International client base and operates out of its corporate headquarters in West Chester Pennsylvania.