In these stressed economic times people keep asking what they should do to reduce the impact of the downturn. The first thing I tell them is to focus, keep a positive attitude and to apply good business drivers.
Focus, focus focus…Why?
Because a distracted workforce /mangement team will miss key points that can de-rail their business if they’re not paying attention.
Positive attitude…Why?
Because confidence is infectious and encourages process excellence within the organization.
Good business drivers…What are they?
In the process industry one of these is a braod application of LEAN principles and process excellence methodology.
Lean in Support Functions
Lean Manufacturing
Lean Laboratory
Lean Compliance

I firmly believe this is a MUST scenario today more than ever and if it’s applied enthusiastically and continuously the results will be transformational.
It’s not a universal panacea by any means, but it is a key tool in the strategic toolbox of a healthy thriving organization.
I invite comments on this subject as i’m sure it is a topic that everyone in the Life Sciences Industry is wrestling with.
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