Pharma will experience a very big rush forward in the next years, and to be able to cope with it, the pharmaceutical industry will have to acquire a legion of skilled pharmaceutical engineers.  The US and Europe have been leading the industry until very recently, but now, Asia is joining them.  Engineering is the main activity these companies focus on, and the current economic downfall has affected even the strongest global leaders.  Nevertheless, the demand for capable pharmaceutical engineers is still going strong, in spite of the crisis hitting the industry.  This is why many companies have turned to offshoring instead of outsourcing to reach the best, specialized engineers in the field in the most direct way.

Pharmaceutical consultants agree that leading companies are not being able to acquire all the people they need at the exact time they need them, thus, very big and important projects are being postponed; and even though the biotech industry is not very spirited right now, it still needs the skills that are out there in the shape of a large number of engineering professionals, mastering and doctoring in pharmaceutical engineering and who are filling top positions in these leading companies.  A great many engineers are applying for these specialized jobs given how much easier globalization has made the process.

Normally, pharmaceutical engineering graduates prefer to center on cross-functional skills instead of focusing on merely fundamental science; this is why, they begin at a small company and later move to bigger ones when they have more scientific, and pharmaceutical business experience.  Along the way, some meaningful training programs may have enhanced engineers’ careers, but consistency in these is not the rule.

Currently, India and China are graduating large numbers of these specialized engineers, who are fairly competing against US graduates for big positions among the most powerful company brands.  A big plus has been the lower restriction that the US has put upon the H-1B visas, making it easier for Indian and Chinese professionals to apply for interesting positions.  In the long run, the growing number and quality of these graduates are being encouraged in order to meet the rising demand expected of the industry.

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