Process mapping can be an excellent way for your pharmaceutical company to improve and monitor specific processes to ensure that your operations are running smoothly and efficiently.  Because the day to day work of businesses, specifically pharmaceutical companies, usually involve a multitude of different processes, mapping them out in specific charts and graphs can help to make the work look more visible and increase understanding among employees.  It also helps employees who are working on specific tasks and helps them to get a clearer understanding of what the rest of the company is doing.

Process mapping is a process that basically outlines the different steps it takes to reach a predetermined goal, which can be anything from more product efficiency to customer satisfaction.  Process mapping is usually done by outside pharmaceutical consultants who specialize in mock FDA training and process mapping, along with many other services.  A process map can accurately highlight the areas where your company needs improvement, as well as increase efficiency and improve the systems necessary for developing the solutions needed for problems.  Here are some tips to help you understand the mapping process better, and some advice to make the process easier for both parties.

The most important thing your company can do is to choose the right pharmaceutical consultant to help you with the mapping process.  You should thoroughly check out the company’s credentials and experience, and make sure they understand every process involved.  You will want to be certain to establish basic guidelines for the mapping process and make sure this is understood by both parties.  You will also want to establish a clear goal that you’re looking to achieve, so that from the outset you will have the direction and motivation to succeed.  You will also want to create a separate team on hand, which may assist in the mapping process, and offer support and expertise to the consultants running the tests.

Once the testing starts you will want them to create a rough draft of the process first, before completion of the final copy when all data has been collected and specifically arranged.  It is important to respect everyone’s opinions and contributions along the process, regardless if you agree with them or not.  You will also want to have someone record the details as you go along, and if possible a smart board or projector hooked up so that everyone can see the progress as you go.  But the most important step is to be patient.  Process mapping is not a short endeavor, and a good process map takes time to be put together properly.  But when it is completed, you will find it to be a very valuable addition to your business, and definitely worth the time and effort it took.

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