When employing a Lean approach to pharmaceutical (Life Science) manufacturing, the implementation of a Visual Factory Methodology as part of the approach can have a very significant impact.

The goal of Visual Factory implementation is to permit the very efficient transfer of information that can have a material effect on the performance of the manufacturing plant. Two parts are critical in implementing this:

 – Deciding what the necessary information is that needs to be conveyed.

 – Providing the most appropriate mechanism to assure that this conveyance occurs effectively.

To accomplish this objective then, it is very important that the factory operating team has a clear understanding of the “current state” situation at the plant as well as what level of performance they want to transition too. By knowing this information, the team can focus on the conveyance of that information which will bring about that change.

Frequently this will be through the implementation of new practices driven from data gathered through metrics collection and analysis processes.

Such new practices often include the implementation of new signs, charts and andons. Andons are mechanisms which employ light to indicate/transmit information such as with the use of Real-Time controllers for example.

Pharmaceutical Consultants & Life Science Consultants skilled in these ideas and their use in Lean Manufacturing strategies understand that the use of these visual techniques in manufacturing plants allow more information to be conveyed and this reduces errors significantly.

With such gains to be made using Visual Factory Methodology, we believe it should be part of every pharmaceutical & Life Science Product company’s manufacturing strategy.