The Internet age has brought about countless positive changes to the way we live.. However, it has also created many problems, due to the difficulty to keep control over information used for the wrong reasons. . Every day different controversies arise as a result of governments’ intents to protect people’s welfare without breaking their right to freedom of expression, free will.

The FDA is currently struggling to control the flourishing online pharmaceutical business, as it is perceived that in some cases it may pose a health risk to US citizens. This perception is being fueled by the fact that not all the internet marketers comply with the standards and laws policed by the US FDA . Even though pharmaceutical consultancy firms have assisted the different companies to help them comply with the all necessary regulations, the task for the FDA has become increasingly difficult, mainly because of the number of rogue websites, offering foreign products with no control and therefore, no safety.

The FDA claims that the uncontrolled provision of medications online represents an enormous risk that needs to be reduced; the result of such complaints has led some to consider the purchase and distribution of foreign medications to US citizens as officially illegal. What are the real dangers behind online medications? Here is a list of the main points of the controversy, for your consideration.

  1. NO PHYSICIAN: Only a few websites have a physician online to provide professional assistance. Many websites offer a survey-type service, whose main failure lies in the fact that symptoms are standardized without considering individual differences and individual patient’s medical history. Only an online physician can ask the right questions, and in the absence of a professional, self-medication is an enormous risk.
  2. IMPORTED DRUGS WITH NO CONTROL : Prescription drugs require the approval of a doctor because they still represent some risk under specific circumstances. To skip this, most Internet users resort to imported prescription drugs because they are a quick and an uncontrolled buy. Many of these products are still in the process of obtaining FDA approval, and some have clearly been rejected. The choice for an imported prescription drug with no control may bring on dangerous results to health. Self-medication and no quality control can cost lives.
  3. CHEATING: Foreign or imported medications online may be cheaper, but if the quality isn’t up to par, customers are definitely cheated. Clearly, if the products bought online give poor results, the buyers waste their money. If the medications present undesirable, irreversible side effects, no possible reimbursement can compensate for their loss. People don’t seem to be aware of the danger of buying products which are not considered safe and effective by the FDA. In an uncontrolled business, losing only a few dollars and not your life can be the least of your troubles.

The FDA is not always seen as popular because of this controversy, but the agency’s original responsibility for public health  remains unchanged. Thousands of lives can be saved by exerting more control over what people buy on the Internet. And even if  the pharmaceutical business finds the amount of regulation excessive and time consuming, the FDA will keep enforcing the law.. By proving that a product is harmless and gives good results, both consumers and companies are protected. Consumers, on the other hand, complain that their free will is being affected, but, in a world where Internet frauds are born every day and trustworthy companies risk their prestige due to poor imitations, isn’t it good to have someone taking care of these matters?

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