Work can be a stressful place, and in the right kind of stressful environment, it can almost be unbearable, especially if you have a monotonous, sometimes tedious job, where you perform the same repetitive functions over and over.  These kinds of jobs like assembly line work, laboratory managers, or production supervisor positions, just to name a few, can create such anxiety for employees that they might feel there is no escape.  However, there are a number of exercises and other techniques you can do at work, to feel less stressed and more productive, as well as happier in the workplace.

Stress can be a devastating mechanism if left too long unchecked.  However stress can sometimes be a good thing.  It can motivate us and help to make us more prepared, more focused.  However, too much stress can be devastating to the body, as well as make us irritable, irrational, and can literally kill us if left unchecked for too long.  But taking a different approach to stress, and trying different techniques at work to deal with stress, can make all the difference in your physical and mental health.  Larger companies all over the world, as well as companies in the Fortune 500 and pharmaceutical industry often recommend workshops and seminars for their employees to reduce stress levels at work.  There are even consulting firms, like life sciences consulting firms for example, who can actually teach companies what to do to create a less stressful work environment.

One of these techniques is to improve your organization and time management skills.  This means to make your workplace as tidy and organized as you possibly can.  Too much clutter on your desk, or in your office, only increases stress levels, and leads to less productivity.  Create a system so you can keep your workplace organized, and it will pay dividends down the road.  Also learn how to take deep breaths throughout the day.  By just taking deep controlled breaths for simply 5 minutes before, during, or even after work, when feeling overwhelmed or stressed, can have a profound impact on your state of mental health, as well as reduce stress.  By practicing these deep, slow breaths at work, you can replenish your body’s oxygen supply, which will lead to more energy and better state of calm and mental preparedness.

It is also a good idea to take more small breaks at during the day.  By taking a 5 minute break at different intervals throughout the day, can work to break up the monotony of work and reduce stress levels.  You can go for a short walk outside, or just get away from your office for awhile, anything you can do to get your mind, and your body, doing something other than work.  There are also small things you can do to improve your stress levels at work.  You could get more sleep, surround yourself with more positive people, or even just learn to listen better.  Oftentimes you may feel stressed at work because you don’t understand your assignments clearly, but if you learn to listen better, and more thoroughly, you will be able to drastically reduce the confusion that leads to stress.  Stress can be a killer, but if you learn to deal with it properly, it can be one of your greatest strengths.

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