It is a well-understood fact that such repetitive jobs like laboratory testing, and other assembly line type of work, may cause an overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety, as the workers deal with such levels of repetition.  It is not uncommon to feel claustrophobic, extreme anxiety, as well as high levels of stress, as you learn to cope with the monotony that is repetitive work.  Although you may feel like this anxiety and stress are just a part of the job, there are things you can do to reduce this stress and create a better mental state of health at your work environment.  One of these steps is doing simple meditation exercises while at the workplace.

Meditation in the workplace is actually not a new concept and has been incorporated into the workplace since the early 1960’s.  However, as the mental health of workers starts to come more into play, as the corporate culture intensifies, performance enhancing techniques, such as meditation, is starting to gain wider acceptance.  As a more enlightened management style begins to take shape in larger Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller firms all over the world, the need to replace ineffective patterns of working, as well as improve employee mental health, is at the forefront of many workplace initiatives.  And this is no truer today than in the pharmaceutical industry, where monotonous, but highly specialized laboratory work can lead to disaster if the laboratory workers are not as sharp, and mentally focused as they can be.  This is where meditation comes into play.

With meditation training in the workplace, employees no longer need to feel the anxiety of being imprisoned at work or the claustrophobia that is associated with monotonous work.  The ability to train your mind to stay calm, under any circumstance, is at the forefront of what meditation is about, and how it can be used in a practical way to raise awareness as well as a heightened sense of calm at the workplace.  Just practicing deep breathing exercises for 5 minutes before every shift can have a tremendous impact on your employees’ state of calm and mental health throughout the day.  Studies have shown that individuals who take time to meditate before, or during work, sustain higher levels of productivity, as well as more happiness and job satisfaction.

Many pharmaceutical companies, as well as pharmaceutical consulting firms, are recognizing the profound benefits of meditation in the workplace, and advise that other companies start to look into it as well.  They have found that individuals who are encouraged to meditate at work, experience a greater sense of calm, not to mention a greater willingness to contribute as well as communicate with other workers.  They have higher job satisfaction and are more likely to be more productive.  These benefits are not only good for the average employee, who might incorporate meditation into their professional lives, but it is smart for the company as well.  The benefits from practiced meditation can mean better productivity, which means a better return on your investment, better mental health for employees, which means lower health care costs, as well as an overall sense of happiness and purpose at the workplace.

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