So your QC laboratory is failing to keep up with the manufacturing group.
Your number of samples is increasing and there are new products coming down the road which promises yet more samples.
Your laboratory analysts are working harder and longer hours just to maintain parity.
Overtime costs are exploding and errors are increasing which is leading to more and more laboratory investigations.
The pressure is mounting and there seems to be know light at the end of the tunnel.
What do you do?
First, have an experienced Lean laboratory consultant on your team. Second, work with them to develop a plan that will transform how you’re running the laboratory operations.
Third, make a commitment to integrate the QC laboratory as part of an overall operational strategy so that the laboratory is not an isolated function that’s exposed to changes in production priorities.
So what are some of the important factors that we need to consider in transforming the current situation to a Lean laboratory? Below is a short list of some of the more important features that you will need to build into the transformation plan.

• A process to provide a consistent leveled supply of samples
• A process that significantly reduces the lead times involved
• A process that reduces the level of work in progress
• A process that reduces the overall cycle-time for analysis
• A process that streamlines data processing

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