Until recently, standard treatment methods for serious bone loss due to bone fractures and bone disorders, have been limited at best.  Standard treatments for serious bone fractures would encompass basically two treatment options: either face amputation or face long periods of disability.  While prosthetic implants, on the other hand, have proven equally as frustrating over recent years, and are proving more inefficient in the long term.  Because of these problems, something needed to be done, and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, researchers are claiming they have found the solution.  And the solution, surprisingly enough, is connected with using stem cells.

Until very recently, patients with severe bone loss trauma, or serious bone fractures had limited options when choosing a treatment regimen that would live up to their needs.  But researchers from Hebrew University have developed a new way of growing backbone fractures, through the use of cutting-edge stem cell technology.  This stem cell technology uses stem cells isolated in the bone marrow, for the purpose of regenerating bone tissue in the patient.  Sounds a little far-fetched, but this technology has already been used several times by doctors and researchers in the University Hospital in Jerusalem, with surprising results.  It actually worked.

In the last decade or so, there have been promising advances world-wide in stem cell technology, as well as biological therapy for the treatment of complex bone fractures and bone loss.  With more concentrated advancement of multipotent stem cells in the last few years, stem cell technology is becoming or adaptable everyday in treating real-life health issues.  Because of this differentiation between various stem cell types, scientists are able to isolate specific adult stem cells that in this case have the ability to repair injured tissue, such as bone, tendons, cartilage, and even the heart muscle.

This new stem cell technology, known as immuno-isolation, can work with almost any tissue in the body, and so far it has shown promising results.  This technology thus far is showing great progress in human studies, and it has already been shown to be successful in regenerating tissue such as bone, heart, and tendon, in a study on lab animals.  Because of these recent ground-breaking discoveries, scientists from all over the world are joining forces, so to speak, to establish a clinical grade protocol for the use and advancement of such immuno-isolated stem cell technology.

But before this technology is widely administered to the general public, experts in the pharmaceutical consulting industry are saying it could be decades before we start to see any real benefits from this science.  This is due to several reasons.  One is that MSC Stem Cell isolation technology is considerably lengthy, not to mention extremely expensive.  MSC isolation technology can also be possibly harmful to the quality of the stem cells, because of the long growth time required inside incubators.  Whatever the drawbacks may be, there is no doubt that emerging stem cell technology, like MSM isolation therapy, is at the very forefront of a technology that could realistically, and maybe indefinitely, change the way society looks at medicine forever.

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